Overview & CEO Letter

Established in 2004, Teeba, a subsidiary of International Dairy and Juice Limited (IDJ), is the leading dairy production company in Jordan. The company conducts its operations under strict rules and manufacturing practices across all its production facilities and complies with international standards and guidelines, including the Food Safety Management System. Teeba also holds an FSSC Food Safety Certificate and is subject to regular food safety inspections by AIB.

Teeba is committed to a strong quality assurance system across its operations, starting from receiving raw materials, down to storage channels, production management, packaging and distribution, resulting in guaranteed customer satisfaction. The company continuously works on developing and innovating new ways of manufacturing and marketing its products to ensure that they are always of high quality and healthy ingredients. It also strives to follow the best and latest production standards to meet customer expectations and remain a leader in its field.

Teeba takes pride in being the leader in this industry by passing on its expertise from one generation to the next and continuously adopting the latest technologies in the industry.

Overview & a Word from our CEO Dr. Shadi Qatati

Welcome to Teeba,

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the world of Teeba – A subsidiary of Almarai. Here you will find a comprehensive, in-depth review of our company, reflecting our ongoing growth and the current success of our vision and mission.

We are committed to enriching our consumers’ everyday lives, by excelling in providing a wide and innovative range of high-quality products, and by focusing on applying the highest standards that ensure that our customers’ diet and well-being are met as our priority and goal. Additionally, we strive to build strong and long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders.

At Teeba, we believe that to sustain the journey of success we need to invest in people, that’s why not only do we intensively invest in the technological advancement of our production facilities, but we also focus on attracting, developing, motivating and retaining the best talents, who are our main asset, and the most precious competitive advantage we have.

Our passion for people makes us give high attention to building an engaging culture, focusing on employees’ entire life cycle, and giving a great focus to learning and development. That’s why we are implementing diversified, and well-articulated learning and development programs, in addition to training courses that specialize in upskilling competencies, to equip our employees with the latest updates related to different fields to match the rapid changes in the market, and to prepare the next generation of leaders, who will drive the future success.

Our commitment to enriching people’s lives goes beyond our core business to embrace the wider community. We believe that if we invest in the communities we operate in, we will all enjoy long-term benefits, that’s why we have a clear plan for sustainability through the integrated management of our social, environmental, and economic performance, and we continue to implement industry-leading practices to protect the wellbeing of our consumers and employees, ensure the health of our farm animals, and protect the natural environment.